Case Study

ej4 takes Advantage of Effective Content Management & Evaluation with VIDZMO Interactive Rich Media Suite

ej4, established in 2003, specializes in Maxecution ™ – videos that get maximum results and “move the needle” to show a tangible difference.

ej4 not only provides custom content development services but also offers interactive courseware for their clients and customers. Driving business results with Maxecution™, ej4 combines experience, expertise and evolution to produce and develop short, task based, and fun videos. ej4’s custom video/course development team maximizes the value of raw content and enables ej4 to showcase hundreds of off-the- shelf videos and courses in their content library on various topics ranging from selling skills, negotiations, operations, leadership, customer service, supervision, HR compliance, and more.

Business situation

Business situation with bandwidth as a commodity nowadays, significant increase in the adoption and use of videos has been observed lately in enterprise organizations. Advancement in video technology, and rise in adoption, demands rapid video content development, delivery, and more manageable approach – with flexibility like all other media formats, in a cost effective manner!

Dan Cooper, Partner at ej4, was looking for a versatile platform to be able to meet many wide ranging needs of his customers. “We’ve got our content creation down to a succinct process but the deployment stage had become complicated with the growing needs of our customers” said Dan. “Our designers spend a lot of time authoring, polishing, and optimizing content for our clients but they can be challenged by the fact that they don’t ever really know how clients are going to respond to it before it’s completed.”

ej4 wanted their team to work efficiently as part of its customers’ thorough needs. To offer a viable course and content development, the ej4 content library in its development phase had to be available for real-time editing and processing, and it had to carry a low or no up-front investment risk for ej4. “In the current economic environment, we have to be very careful about the investments we make,” says Dan. “We didn’t want to spend in infrastructure, upgrades and unused media management and storage facility that much of the time, would sit idle”

Tom Lynch, Technical Manager at ej4 adds, “Without investing much and deploying hardware infrastructure, we were challenged to be able to provide a high-performance solution to author and preview content for our clients.

Additionally, ej4 wanted its existing videos and other content to be able to comply with new system and solution.



ej4 believed that the most effective approach would be a solution that can host and manage their content library on the web, with the ability to quickly search and organize content as required. The company evaluated hosted offerings from VIDIZMO and others but, say Dan Cooper, “We chose VIDIZMO because it provides us a complete end-to-end solution from content creation to delivery, distribution and monetization, satisfying our training design as well as technical needs. We haven’t found an area where VIDIZMO’s interactive video suite falls short or didn’t fit”

With VIDIZMO’s efficient ready to use web based Media Management Portal, content management and organization was made simpler for ej4, VIDIZMO allows the content creator to tag content with keywords and enables search within text for all PowerPoint slides, documents, captions, content titles and descriptions. The in-depth search facility allows users to quickly find desired videos without clicking through countless pages, and saving time.

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) model of VIDIZMO studio enabled ej4 team to constantly monitor and preview the output product and make changes as required or requested by the client or customers.

“Testing is essential for companies to track mastery and the impact of training.” says Dan Cooper, “VIDIZMO has a robust test creation tool that is helping us provide enhanced performance evaluation for our clients”. VIDIZMO’s rapid, online testing & certification tool gives ej4 the flexibility to make their live/on-demand courses and trainings interactive and enables instant user feedback and evaluation. Ability to store quizzes in a web based environment enriched their content library with ready to use forms for quizzes, surveys and polls.

The software plus services built VIDIZMO offers high scalability and is a perfect fit for 5 or 5000 users, minimizing cost and maximizing profits. “With VIDIZMO, we get a highly scalable environment relieving our IT department of the system management, administration and maintenance of infrastructure,” states Tom Lynch, Technical Manager at ej4.

VIDIZMO provides a channel where you can sell videos to a global customer base on VIDIZMO Marketplace. The media monetization options give ej4 a gateway of opportunities to make their videos and services available worldwide and market them to a target audience. Hence, incurring more revenues and winning deals – with no or little efforts!


To pace market momentum, ej4 wants to encourage both, content development and reuse; VIDIZMO is helping them make development faster and allowing them to repurpose their content easily to make it even more lucrative.

Centralized Content Management

VIDIZMO Channel provided ej4 with an easy to use web portal to quickly store, manage, and control all their content such as videos, forms, slides, images etc. at a centralized content repository. Advanced search and sort options enabled through detailed tagging and with the addition of meta information within the content leveraged ej4 to reduce time to administer disparate sources and spend time in probing sources for the right content. “With VIDIZMO’s thorough search, we are able to save time and respond to more customers providing them right content with just few clicks.”

Easy-to-use-and-manage content management environment makes content sharing and editing easier with flexibility to share content within and across the team. “Video is one of the fastest-growing market out there”, says Dan Cooper, Partner at ej4. “We wanted to accelerate the video adoption by tapping into that market, with agility and relief provided with the web-based VIDIZMO suite, we are successfully doing that.”

Detailed Tracking, Testing & Analytics

“VIDIZMO Dashboard is a magical panel set to provide us with all the magical information we need to monitor our clients usage, effectiveness of our content, as well as for our clients to evaluate and gauge their users and viewers.” expresses Dan Cooper.

VIDIZMO provides detailed content tracking and monitoring through built-in, custom positioned flags and markers. Content author can observe user behavior to know the impact of each part of the video or content such as how many time a part was viewed, did the viewer rewind or forward the part and what was the viewer comprehension level after a specific part which can be known via survey or quiz forms.

Further, VIDIZMO’s Channel enables ej4 to save and version quizzes, survey and polls to re-purpose and reuse them for their various trainings and course to save time and efforts in creating new forms or while updating the existing ones.

Media Monetization

Marketplace provides ej4 the platform to monetize live and on-demand trainings, courses, and services on web. It is helping ej4 to reach global customer and bring in more revenue through teachers, subject matter experts, trainers/training providers and instructional designers looking to access ready-to-use assets for their needs.

“Marketplace promises to provide us maximum revenue growth through flexible licensing and ability to transact content on pay-per-view basis or define different packages on the basis of buyers’ needs” says Dan Cooper, “and hence, optimizing the revenues with more profitable deals.”

With the help of VIDIZMO, ej4 has been able to streamline deployment and integration for clients. The ej4 team just finished putting up their entire library and is now generating revenue on the VIDIZMO Marketplace and with VIDIZMO clients. Dan concludes, “The partnership we have with VIDIZMO has enabled us to satisfy our clients quickly and take the next step in enterprise adoption of video based content.”

Products and services used

  • VIDIZMO Live Presenter & Recorder
  • VIDIZMO Player
  • VIDIZMO Channel
  • VIDIZMO Testing & Certification
  • VIDIZMO Advanced Analytics
  • VIDIZMO Marketplace

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