VIDIZMO has a unique multitenancy video platform with portal-level autonomy that not only provides complete user and content segregation but goes as far as to provide separate portal management and administration policies, branding, licensing, compliance, security, storage, membership types, hosting options (geographically/cloud or on-premise), encoding, live streaming, single sign-on, and more.

Practically, what this means for a customer is that they have complete control and autonomy over each portal individually to meet their specific regulatory compliance and security requirements. This also means that the multitenant architecture enables customers to run multiple virtual instances of VIDIZMO portals within one deployment instance. As an example, let’s take VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube as a multitenancy video platform with four portals that allows customers to run four EVCM instances at the cost of one software license. To achieve similar business goals with any other player in the EVCM market, a customer will need to buy and install four separate instances of their software, amplifying their cost and management requirements.

Moreover, you can have multiple account subscriptions as shown in the image below, allowing you to have multitenant environment at portal and account-level as well.


VIDIZMO Multitenancy Options

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