Leverage a Broad Range of Controls for End-to-End Evidence Security & Privacy

Ensure the highest level of protection for your digital evidence using a robust set of security features and functions.

Prevent Unauthorized Access for Evidence

It’s important to make sure evidence is only accessible by an authorized user. VIDIZMO DEMS allows you to configure a number of security features to control access and activity for each user for evidence security based on the needs and requirements of the agency.


Guard Your Assets with Various Evidence Security Controls

Leverage robust security controls such as encryption and SSO integration to add layers of security and protect your evidence from unauthorized access.

Ensure Evidence Integrity

It is vital to ensure the integrity of your evidence in order to present it in a court of law. DEMS provides a number of features to ensure the authenticity of your digital evidence while meeting chain of custody requirements to prove the integrity of your evidence in the court of law.


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Maintain Privacy for Different Stakeholders

Keep your evidence firmly segregated and accessible only by the relevant stakeholders to ensure privacy and evidence security from unauthorized users.

Key Security Capabilities

Role-Based Access Control

Assign a specific role to each user to control their access and permissions to perform various functions.

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Audit Trails

Maintain a chronological list of records of all user activity and evidence handling to meet chain of custody requirements and monitor all activity across the system.

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End-to-End Encryption

Ensure evidence security and protection with FIPS compliant AES-256 encryption at rest and in transit, and optional DRM support.

Access Reason Provisioning

Keep track of who and why someone accessed an evidence by obligating users to provide valid reasons and details.

Security Policies

Security Policies

Use preconfigured security policies or create your own to control who can view or access a portal or the system.


Tamper Detection

Verify the integrity of your evidence files with the standard SHA cryptographic hash function to detect the presence of any tampering.

Users & Groups Management

Manage users and create groups to bulk manage access to evidence for multiple users.

Multiple Portal

Multiple Portals

Leverage different portals with autonomous security settings to segregate evidence and users.

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Location & IP Restriction

Location and IP Restrictions

Restrict or enable specific or regional IP addresses from accessing the system.

Login Timeout

Custom Purge Policy

Automate evidence purging by defining a retention policy.

Automatic Login Timeout

Set a time frame for inactivity after which a user is automatically logged out.

SSO Integration

Ensure authenticated and authorized access and add a layer to your digital evidence security with SSO integration.

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CJIS and Other Compliances

Deploy DEMS in Azure or AWS commercial or government cloud data centers to comply with digital data and evidence security policies such as CJIS, FedRAMP, GDPR, HIPAA and more.

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