In order to deliver video in an enterprise environment, VIDIZMO allows its customers to adhere to specific corporate branding guidelines. To enable this, VIDIZMO provides the flexibility of brand customization on the platform to represent the corporate brand identity and accommodate a wide range of corporate branding compliance needs.

Following are some of the branding options provided by VIDIZMO.

Out-of-the-Box Platform Branding

VIDIZMO offers the following options out of the box to make for a branded video library:

• White labelling
• Professionally designed WordPress-like user interface templates
• Customizable UI elements and controls e.g. sliders, carousels, tiles, etc.
• All fully brandable platform elements (icons, tabs, categories etc.,) using easily embeddable HTML widgets

Custom Branding

With all its branding flexibility, VIDIZMO also offers custom branding options via defining custom CSS, such as create-your-own UI template, a fully brandable video player, a customizable user journey or flow of user experience, and more. VIDIZMO offers the flexibility to allow enterprises to customize the way certain terms appear on their portals by using the Thesaurus feature. This feature simplifies the task of adding or replacing the terms appearing in the menu, headings or labels from a single interface for a thoroughly branded video portal.

Player branding

Fully customize VIDIZMO video player as per your company’s corporate branding guidelines including player themes, templates, positioning or size of player elements like icons, logos, etc.

Multitenancy Branding

With a unique multitenancy offering, VIDIZMO offers autonomous portals within the platform, which can be fully branded as per portal-level branding guidelines for different products, departments or other divisions/units within an organization.

Multilingual Platform

VIDIZMO offers a multilingual application interface with support for a wide range of languages. Everything from the navigation drop-down menu and page layout to text placement from left-to-right vs. right-to-left is translated into various languages with a single click.

To learn more about VIDIZMO branding options, read Understanding Branding Settings.


Branding Options in VIDIZMO Portal

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