Enterprise Live Broadcasts and Streaming Solution

Broadcast your virtual events to unlimited viewers around the world with a powerful enterprise live streaming solution designed for corporate events, international conferences, church gatherings, virtual graduations, fashion shows, government events etc.

Host a Variety of Virtual Events Using EnterpriseTube


Corporate Events


International Conferences


Fashion Shows


Virtual Graduations


Church Gatherings


Government Events


Scalable and cost-effective live streaming


End-to-end encrypted video delivery


Set up back-up live streams


HD playback for viewers everywhere


Flexible streaming options on cloud & on-premise

Incorporate Live Video Interactivity to Convert Attendees Into Active Participants

Increase audience engagement with your live webcasts by including polls, surveys, Q&A and live chat within the live-stream to encourage more ‘active’ participation. VIDIZMO offers live chat for the presenter to take questions or interact with the audience in real-time, thus allowing for structured two-way communication. On top of that, polls and surveys within your presentation can heighten viewer interest while also allowing you to gather feedback and view insights to better engage your audience.


Broadcast Live Virtual Events to Anyone, Anywhere

  • Conduct meetings from any video conferencing system
  • Use VIDIZMO’s live video webcasting solution to stream live feed from your video conferencing system to your target audience
  • Record the meetings and make them available for on-demand playback
Track, analyze and monitor quality of experience

Track and Monitor the Quality of Experience for Live-streams

Monitor your live-stream quality on a data visualization dashboard in real-time to quickly identify and correct any problems with the stream by pinpointing the exact cause of the issue. Additionally, access detailed user-level data analytics to analyze the quality of experience on an individual basis, as well as on a collective level through statistics related to audience engagement, drop-off rates, attendance etc. Use these insights to further improve your future live sessions, both in terms of the content and streaming quality of the event.

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