A Consolidated System for Law Enforcement to Manage Digital Evidence

Bring down the cost, time and resources with a centralized management system for mounting digital evidence in law enforcement agencies

Reduce the Growing Cost of Managing Digital Evidence


Autonomous Ingestion and Processing

VIDIZMO supports all types of media evidence, like videos, audio, images and docs, and a variety of formats from CCTV, body-cams, dash cams, compact discs and more. VIDIZMO also automates end-to-end video processing from upload to transcoding and transcription, as well as archival.


Enabling Citizens to Share Evidence Anytime

Empower your citizens to directly submit evidentiary media with supporting details such as location and description to a secure portal. The evidence collection process can be crowdsourced wherein citizens can use VIDIZMO mobile application to upload evidence related to an incident.


Tracking All Platform Activity for Chain of Custody

Maintain and uphold chain of custody requirements by keeping track of all evidence access, use, sharing and modification through detailed audit logs of all user activity in the platform. Prevent evidence tampering by monitoring recorded activity with detailed logs of all user actions.


Compliance with FBI’s CJIS Security Policy for Law Enforcement

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) offers law enforcement compliance with FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policy and requirements through the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. VIDIZMO’s native cloud offering uses security controls to protect the full life-cycle of all digital evidence and ensure the highest level of compliance with state and federal laws.

A Secure & Centralized Evidence Management Solution for Law Enforcement 


Combining all Evidence in a Centralized Solution

Amalgamate all evidence related to a case in one folder for courtroom presentations or organized record keeping. Merge & organize all media, including videos, audios, photos and documents in one digitally presentable file, along with automatically generated court-ready transcripts and closed captions as per court presentation standards.


Allowing Quick Search & Discovery of Evidence

With growing volumes of digital evidence, search can consume a lot of manhours. With AI-powered video content indexing, automatic transcription, and facial and voice recognition, videos can be searched for spoken words, faces, speakers etc. Additionally, VIDIZMO offers a highly categorical, taxonomy-based, Amazon-like faceted search.


Facilitating Autonomous Video and Media Processing

Leverage fast end-to-end video ingestion and processing including transcoding, bulk editing, policy defining, video transcription, translation, etc., without excessive human intervention. Automate the entire process with minimal chances of error and save the need to outsource services such as transcription, closed captioning or translation.


Enabling Department-Wise User & Content Segregation

Effectively segregate media and users for various organizational units, such as police officers, evidence managers, training departments and communications departments – all of which have diverse video and media needs – through separate portals, secured case folders and controlled user access and permissions.

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