Digital Evidence Management Solution for the Insurance Industry

Streamline your insurance claim procedure by collecting digital evidence in a repository and sharing them with claim adjusters for quick & efficient processing.

Faster Claims Processing in a Digital Evidence Repository

Equip your agents and field investigators with Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS), to capture and upload evidence from any device on the go, as well as directly from VIDIZMO smartphone app. Agents can upload as much evidence as they need without network limitations in DEMS, where respective adjusters can review it, improving the accuracy and speeding up the process.


Digital Evidence Collection from the Policyholder Portal

Empower your policyholders with a dedicated DEMS for external evidence submission, so authorized users can directly upload evidentiary videos, photos or any other evidence of damage directly from the incident locations for the adjusters to review while processing claims, which makes for increased agent efficiency, and satisfied customers.

Revolutionize Claims Processing with Innovative Video Technology

  • Use AI technologies such as object recognition and facial recognition to speed up evidence processing
  • Incorporate new age live or on-demand drone video streaming in remote inspection sites from any drone device, regardless of network or bandwidth conditions
  • Locate content inside videos within seconds using smart video search powered by automatic video transcription, captioning, and indexing

Improved Policies and Management for Claims Leakage

Counter claims leakage, fraud, human error and other sources of inaccuracies through digital evidence management for the insurance industry by gathering and collectively storing videos & pictures of insured properties in DEMS, so adjusters can closely assess the damage and accuracy of a claim and determine the right settlement the first time. Insurers can also use the videos to draft more accurate policies with a better understanding of the insured property.


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