Video Streaming & Sharing for Healthcare

Enabling effective video streaming and sharing for Continuing Medical Education (CME), improved care & aftercare and smooth internal communication in healthcare

Video Streaming & CMS for Healthcare

EnterpriseTube can be used as a video platform that serves multiple purposes for any healthcare institution. This includes Continuing Medical Education (CME), enhancing communication & collaboration and providing better pre-care or after-care. EnterpriseTube serves as a holistic solution with live and on-demand video streaming and digital content management workflows. These capabilities can help healthcare institutions create a self-paced and real-time learning environment, increase patient awareness and much more.


Enhance Clinical Training and Continuing Medical Education


Conduct Video Simulation and Staff Training

Create a library of CME courses with video, documents and other digital content for education of healthcare providers through a combination of real-time and self-paced training tools.


Encourage Interactive Learning

Leverage interactive tools to make video learning interactive. Evaluate learners with quizzes, collect feedback with surveys and allow learners to interact via chat and Q&A.


Search Less, Learn More

Search and find CME video content quickly without wasting time. Identify the parts in the video that are relevant to you and jump straight to them.


Amplify Collaboration for Value-based Care

  • Enhance cross-industry collaboration and external partnerships with fast and efficient media sharing
  • Ensure centralized and secure healthcare video platform access for internal and external stakeholders
  • Maintain a comprehensive repository of patient-related multimedia files for viewing and sharing from any device

Deliver Patient Care and Increase Health Awareness Virtually


Offer Better Healthcare by Educating Patients

Empower your patients with a dedicated healthcare video platform accessible from their homes anytime and on any device. This platform may be used for ingesting patient-education videos & running interactive webinars.


Recommend Content Based on Health Records

Provide quality aftercare remotely using a healthcare video platform, also integrated with electronic health records, which indicates the type of videos that need to be assigned to different patients based on their medical history and health conditions.


Track Patient Activity to Ensure Complete Viewing

Ensure that patients completely watch all required videos for pre-care, aftercare or wellness by tracking detailed usage and viewing analytics. Enable automatic notifications for any unwatched videos and keep track of individual patient progress.

Resolve Telehealth Documentation Challenges

  • Collectively store & manage large telehealth audio/video files as per telemedical records requirements
  • Automatically import telehealth video files via integration with existing telehealth systems
  • Store all video documentation in an industry-compliant platform with enterprise-grade security

Optimize Healthcare Communication and Collaboration


Live Broadcast Events and Conferences

Increase the reach of your healthcare events to a large audience in real time on their smartphones, tablets, and desktops.


Collaborative Video Sharing

Promote inter-department or even inter-facility sharing of health and patient videos for quicker collaboration and efficient knowledge sharing among remote teams.


Live Surgeries and Webinars

Conduct internal webinars and broadcast live surgical procedures to educate staff and healthcare providers through interactive high-definition videoconferencing technology.


Video-based Mass Communication of Policy Changes

  • Efficiently communicate recurring policy changes and announcements through live or recorded video
  • Ensure timely compliance of all new policy changes by tracking every user’s activity
  • Combine video with any other documentation and disseminate to entire staff for viewing on any device

Manage Your HIPAA/HITRUST Compliance

As part of our native cloud, VIDIZMO offers a broad range of compliance offerings to ensure adherence to security and privacy provisions set forth in Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the HITECH Act. To help you comply with other healthcare industry-specific requirements, our cloud is certified with Health Information Trust  (HITRUST) Alliance and Common Security Framework (CSF), and compliant with US Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges (MARS-E).

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