Case Study

AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) Fosters through Online Training and Certificates Issuance

Executive Summary

American Industrial Hygiene Association is a membership organization of occupational and environmental health professionals practicing industrial hygiene in industry, government, labor, academic institutions, and independent organizations. The study examines the business problem AIHA faced of providing training and certification to professionals who wanted to become a Certified Industrial Hygienist.

The case study focuses on how VIDIZMO products and services enabled AIHA members to easily log on to AIHA’s portal and access the video presentations they wanted quickly and easily from anywhere. The case also focuses on how advanced analytics feature of VIDIZMO helped AIHA gather user analytic reports.

The case provides details on the number of benefits VIDIZMO products and services offered to AIHA which enabled them to successfully test members and certify with different certifications that can now take care of the health and safety of people in the workplace and the community.

Business Situation

AIHA being a non-profit worker health association was providing courses by mail, on a DVD. The packaging of each course was done manually and the content of the course was provided by CDs of content, and the tests were sent in by paper, and returned. There was lack of security in copyrighted content and the way it was used, republished, or distributed once sold. They had a small cap on total students per year. Professionals who wanted to get certified had to take a one day examination and maintain active involvement by re-certification every 5 years cycle following the first. This rigorous and continuous testing significantly taxed the organizations resources. In order to minimize the workload related to testing and certification of various trainings, AIHA was looking for a cloud based solution that its members could access from anywhere, anytime; with automated testing and when tests are passed automatic certificates are issued with AIHA branding and member personalization.


VIDIZMO’s robust system has the ability to minimize manual work through automation and significantly reduce costs associated with training and learning. VIDIZMO Channel is a brand-able online video portal for viewers to search, browse and watch interactive video presentations with complete media management functionality.

AIHA was to turn its courses into web course presentation. VIDIZMO offered AIHA an introductory web presentation through which they were able to give lessons via web presentations including workbook, white book, and quizzes. They were also able to conduct the final exam and provide certificate of completion once passed through these presentations.

Authors can create their content using VIDIZMO Studio, a 100% web based, user friendly studio. You can add video, audio, image, PowerPoint, download-able handouts and many other aids to make a video presentation. Presentations can be divided into chapters for easy organization of content, authors can also add branch-able quizzes and tests part of VIDIZMO Testing & Certification component. Certificates can be issued with company’s branding and personalization based on pass criteria defined in the quiz.

AIHA members could easily log on to AIHA’s portal and access the video presentations they want quickly and easily from anywhere. Presentations are viewed using VIDIZMO Player, which has customize-able viewing panes which give the user control on how content is shown making the experience as pleasant as possible. Through search in video or document users could also look for specific keywords and the results would take the user directly to where that content is used.

VIDIZMO Advanced Analytics enables AIHA to keep track of what content is being viewed the most, who is watching what, when, and how much. These detailed analytics and quiz reports gave them actionable intelligence on both content and user behavior.


VIDIZMO Channel offered AIHA a centralized content repository where they can search, sort and modify contents within few clicks. With VIDIZMO, AIHA team is able to deliver training and certification while drastically reducing time and cost.

  • Ease of use
  • Automatic certification
  • Increased student capacity per year
  • Elimination of paper work
  • Online maintenance of user history
  • Lowered cost of delivery
  • Increased student usability with search, index and an online presence, available anytime, anywhere
  • Increased interactivity between students and the course material
  • Increased profit margin on the course
  • Helped in managing users and the content in the courses. AIHA now has full control over content and how it is used

Products and services used:

  • VIDIZMO Player
  • VIDIZMO Channel
  • VIDIZMO Testing & Certification

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