Secure Evidence Sharing To Only Authorized Stakeholders

Leverage advanced sharing features and security controls for quick and secure evidence sharing.

Share Evidence Exclusively with the Relevant Stakeholders

Ensuring data privacy and making it accessible for only select individuals is crucial when it comes to evidence. VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) allows you to give investigators, officers, lawyers, courts, and other officials in the criminal justice system access to evidence and data as well as protecting it from any unauthorized usage. You can also utilize various security controls to further define protection and privacy of your content.

Share Evidence With Only the Relevant Stakeholders

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Reduce Security Risks and Simplify Sharing

Conventional sharing of evidence using physical storage devices provides insufficient security for data, making security breaches a serious concern. It can cost a great deal of time and money that can be redirected to more pressing issues. Generate multiple links to single evidence to communicate differently with multiple users. VIDIZMO DEMS remedies that by enabling inter-agency and intra-agency secure evidence sharing while providing you with extensive features to control how sharing takes place.

Key Security Capabilities


Limited Time & Views Sharing

Share a link for an internal or external user to access evidence for only a limited period of time or set the desired number of views to further reduce the risk of unwanted or unauthorized access.

End-to-End Encryption

Ensure secure evidence sharing and protection with FIPS-compliant AES-256 encryption at rest and in transit, and optional Digital Rights Management (DRM) support.

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Citizen, Public Defender & Prosecutor Portals

Collecting and sharing evidence is made easier with VIDIZMO’s DEMS that provides multiple portals tailored to meet the different needs of each group.

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Chain of Custody Records

Chain of Custody Records

View, export and share a chronological list of records for all user activity and evidence handling to fulfill chain of custody requirements.

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Bulk Evidence Sharing

Manage users and create groups to bulk manage access and share evidence with the relevant users.

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VIDIZMO Offers a Consolidated Digital Evidence Management System

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