Video Streaming in Aerospace

Flying isn’t dangerous but leaked aeronautical data can be. Maintain confidentiality by enabling private access to your videos which improves critical business processes.

Aviate, Navigate, Share and Communicate Internally

Aerospace manufacturing and design is one of the greatest marvels of engineering, and to continue doing this, it’s important for aerospace companies to share knowledge internally. Explaining complex assembly processes, or the physics of your design. Video training is a great way to share such knowledge, and to make the most out of them, your organization needs a secure yet easy-to-use video platform. VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a YouTube-like platform that can help you effectively upload, manage and store videos privately and securely.
Aviate, Navigate, Share and Communicate Internally
Save time with On-Demand Videos

Save time with On-Demand Videos

Instead of holding sessions for new employees again and again. You can show them training videos through an on-demand library in VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube. They can access the videos remotely on any device under varying bandwidth conditions at their own pace, thus saving time.

Keep Your Information Confidential

As an aerospace company, you need to have your information kept confidential for various reasons such as maintaining a competitive advantage. For that, you can stream your confidential videos privately within the organization. This way, only authorized users can have access to them.

In-House Streaming – No Internet Required

On-Premise Option for Highly Secure Streaming

To keep your data within the confined boundary of your data center, you can deploy VIDIZMO on-premises, making your data highly secure with in-house streaming. It allows you to have complete control over sensitive video data while streaming behind a secure firewall.

Secure Internal Live Streaming

VIDIZMO allows you to securely live stream for internal communication and collaboration. Moreover, make your internal live stream interactive and engaging through the live chat, QnA and in-video quiz features.
Covering a Broad Range of Compliance Certifications

Meet Compliance Requirements for Video Data

In order to maximize the value of your data and to keep it compliant with industry-standard policies, it is highly important to prevent it from being misused. Get detailed logs of who’s viewing, downloading or track any activity related to your videos. Impose the necessary controls, policies, and security measures to govern how your video data is used.

Use Cases

Employee Training

Learning never exhausts the mind, as they say. If such learning is at one’s own pace, then that’s a win-win situation. Privately stream videos for employee training and add interactive elements to engage existing and new employees.

Segregate Content for Different Departments

Your software engineer might not want to see videos about cylinders, adjusting the pivot of a plane or some other mechanical engineering-related stuff. Segregate video content of different departments by creating separate portals or assigning videos on a group level.

Protect Your Mission

Strategic planning videos, or your next trip to mars or a new craft in development? Keep your videos confidential. With our over-the-top security and privacy, regulate your videos and define access to only select authorized users.

Managing Surveillance Footage

Have pile of recorded surveillance footage? You might need scalable storage and proper security for these recorded videos. Ingest them onto our platform to manage them effectively.

Easily Manage Recorded Videos

As an aerospace company, you must be dealing with a massive number of recorded videos. With our scalable storage and content organization library, you can easily manage them with the help of playlists, categories and even collections. You can also automatically ingest recorded meetings from Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco, etc.
Different Use Cases Require Autonomous Management

Different departments mean different content

To avoid clutter and maintain the confidentiality of data, a smart option would be segregating content for different business units. You can assign group-based permissions to separate departments or create multiple portals for each department.

Highlighted Features

automatic transcription

Internal Live Streaming

Securely broadcast HD video inside your organization with real-time encoding.


On-demand Streaming

View videos on-demand from any device and create an on-demand video library for your videos.


Users and Groups

Segregate your content by creating users and groups while putting in place granular security and access management for each department.

Transcription and Translation

AI Transcription and Translation

Automatic generation of transcriptions or closed captions by using AI and translating these in up to 90 languages.

Customizable Video Portal

Secure Limited Sharing

Securely share video and limit your audience by setting the number of views or the time length between which they can watch the video.

Video Portal Libraries

Video Content Library

Effectively manage a large number of videos through playlists, collections and categories.

Multilingual Portal

On-premises Deployment

Host and deploy behind organization’s firewall in your on-premise datacenter

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End-to-End Enterprise Video Platform for all Use Cases

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a complete enterprise video platform for both live and on-demand video streaming to internal and external audiences. It offers multiple features to allow you to stream videos for multiple use cases across your organization. Whether it’s sharing recorded meetings or conducting internal training through video, embedding a live stream on your site or more, you can do it all through one system.

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