Video Archive Solution

Preserve your valuable videos safely using our video archive solution and ensure long-term accessibility of your content at a lower storage cost

Archive Everything: Add Value to Your Old Videos!

Put your old video assets to good use, archive them in an organized manner on our video archive solution that provides you a variety of video management capabilities, including:

  • flexible and budget-friendly storage options
  • support for speedy data migration
  • optimized smooth playback of all your videos
  • extensive search capabilities for fast video retrieval
  • various ways to securely share your videos within and outside your organization
  • limit access to content through user and group permissions

Convenient Video Retrieval for Swift Access and Sharing

Traditional video archive systems are known for haphazard unstructured data that is hard to find and retrieve when needed. With videos lying in disparate hard drives, uncategorized and not labeled, retrieving and sharing them with intended audiences can be a tedious and time-consuming task.

VIDIZMO allows you to store your videos in a centralized location that can be easily accessed and shared through a YouTube-like portal when needed. Its platform-wide and AI-powered in-video search capabilities even enable you to find the key moments in your archived videos.

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Choose Your Desired Storage Tier

Optimize your video storage costs by benefiting from tiered storage layers present in all leading cloud storage providers (like Azure and AWS). Archive non-frequently accessed video files on the cold storage tier with a reduced storage cost. Easily move archived videos from cold storage video portal to a hot storage video portal when they need to be more frequently accessed.
Only You Can Access Your Data!
Uploading Made Easy

Migrate Large Files With Ease

Have large video files in TBs or even more? Want to transfer them all onto a cloud storage quickly without hassle? VIDIZMO flexibly provides you three convenient ways of migrating these large video files:

  • Bulk upload through the desktop application
  • Define a watch folder on your local drive and drop your video files for automatic uploading
  • We can partner with cloud storage providers to have your data be migrated speedily from your current storage

Catalogue for Effective Content Search and Discovery

Finding that one video amongst thousands can be a nightmare in an emergency situation. Have your videos labeled, tagged, categorized, and indexed to assist in organic discovery and effective searchability. If that is not enough, use AI to search within videos for specific spoken words, on-screen text, face, objects and much more.

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Leverage Video Data Residing in Your Cloud Storage

Are your videos stored on the Azure Blob storage or on AWS S3, or any other cloud storage? Connect VIDIZMO to your storage and make them readily playable through a video portal.

Use Cases

Resource Library

Create an internal YouTube-like knowledge base filled with various training courses, virtual conferences, product explainer videos and more. Utilize it as a reference library for organizational knowledge management by archiving videos and other digital resources in an organized manner.

Video Surveillance Archive

Don’t just dump away your surveillance footage into an unstructured, unwatchable mess. Create a video surveillance archive with properly labeled and indexed footage optimized for playback when needed in case of an urgent retrieval request.

Media Archive

Media agencies, broadcast companies and production houses have a ton of work-in-progress videos alongside massive archived video files such as films, documentaries, recordings of events etc. Manage all these workflows centrally by configuring some video portals with hot storage and having others configured with cold storage for archival purposes.

Museum Video Archive

Create a secure archive for your museum’s preserved videos and other digital assets in a YouTube-like video portal where you can retain 100% ownership while ensuring optimized viewing worldwide. Make these videos accessible to a diverse audience through features like closed captions, translated transcripts, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Recorded Meetings Archive

Virtual meetings are nothing new, and the pandemic has just exponentially grown their presence in workplaces. Have your recorded meetings be organized adequately in a searchable video portal with access restricted to the authorized teams and limited sharing capabilities for secure external viewership.

Event Recordings

Whether it is the US Election debates or highlights of the Super Bowl, archive your recordings and make them available for public viewing, monetize them and do much more.

Secure Your Archive Away from Prying Eyes

Utilize air-tight security measures to ensure that only authorized personnel can get their hands on your videos. VIDIZMO provides SSO integration with SCIM support for user and group synchronization and provisioning, DRM support, end-to-end content encryption, audit logs, custom retention period and video sharing policies and much more.

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Control Who Has Access To Your Videos

Control access to videos within your video archive portal. Assign roles to users with pre-defined permissions to limit capabilities of what they can and cannot do. You can even create user groups or multiple autonomous video portals to segregate videos of different departments and security levels.

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Ingest any of Over 255 Digital File Formats

Flexibly ingest and archive videos of various formats taking advantage of our wide range of digital file format support, over 255 to be exact. Have these videos be transcoded, indexed, analyzed, shared and managed in a variety of other ways.

Here Is A Complete List Of The Supported File Formats

Don’t Worry About Video Formats! Upload all Types of Media

Your Archived Videos Can be Readily Played When You Need Them

Times have passed when you would have to tolerate grainy footage that is buffering every two seconds. Even if your video is in GBs or in a legacy format, it can be made playback-ready, optimized for the best possible viewing experience accessible worldwide on any device and browser, all made possible through capabilities like transcoding, CDN support and adaptive bitrate streaming.

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Highlighted Features


Sharing and Access Management

Define access for every video or group of videos, and even limit what users can do once they have access.


Limited Sharing

Securely share your videos with limited views or duration, choose to restrict downloads and add a password for protection.

AI-Powered Search

Powerful Search

Easily find videos through manual and automatic tagging, custom attributes, advanced filters and AI-powered in-video search.


Content Organization

Organize your content neatly in different playlists and collections, tag them with relevant keywords, and feature important videos on your home page.


Custom Identifiers

Add custom labels of your choice to videos such as ticket no., SKU, Video ID, video location etc. Use these to filter and narrow your search for videos in the archive.

Desktop Application

Desktop Application

Upload large video files from the desktop application or assign a watch folder where all videos dropped will be automatically uploaded.


Multiple Video Portals

Create separate autonomous YouTube-like portals for each department or team to segregate video content, users and groups for internal archives.



Create multiple renditions of your videos in multiple resolution levels and formats for smooth playback on different devices and in varying bandwidth conditions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to automatically transcribe, translate these transcripts in 80+ languages, and search within the videos for spoken words, on-screen text, faces and objects.

Not Just for Video Archival – Use One Platform for All Video Use Cases

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a complete enterprise video platform designed to solve multiple video use cases. Upload virtual company townhalls, or stream marketing content on your website.  Share confidential meeting recordings or conduct live training sessions. Create multiple video portals for separate departments or use cases under one platform, and do much more.

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