Enterprise Video Platform for Financial Services

An enterprise video platform to digitally transform communication, training and knowledge management in institutions offering financial services

Reform Internal Communications and Investor Relations


Disseminate Executive Messaging and Policy Announcements

Stream live or on-demand corporate communication videos of town hall meetings, all-hands meetings, branch communication, as well as routine regulatory revisions or policy update announcements across the entire organization via a secure and centralized video platform.


Enhance Investor Relations and External Communications

Engage your investors with frequent live and on-demand video communication, announcements and financial reviews. Nurture high-value clients through exclusive communication or public messaging videos via a consolidated video platform with dedicated portals for different stakeholders.


Promote Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Connect global teams and promote exchange of ideas for value-added collaboration among geographically dispersed employees. Enhance understanding and collaboration among employees of diverse backgrounds through automatic video transcription, closed captioning and multilingual translation.

Build a Truly Digitized Banking Workplace with Ultimate Security and Compliance

  • Incorporate enterprise videos in all organizational units amid a rapidly digitizing banking ecosystem
  • Deploy your video CMS platform with the industry’s best cloud security and compliance offerings
  • Leverage your on-premise datacenters while benefiting from innovations in the hybrid cloud

Optimize Training and Learning for Global Employees


Conduct Job, Workplace, Product and Compliance Trainings

Deliver compliance, product, and workplace training via live or on-demand video to onboard employees faster and more effectively. Quickly familiarize teams with any new procedures or changing regulations in automatically transcribed videos to ensure prompt search and accessibility.


Preserve Knowledge with User-Generated Content

Allow knowledge experts to document their skills and expert knowledge in an easy-to-use video platform that simplifies video capture, sharing, accessibility and management. This may come in handy for company-wide training and work continuity, in case they leave the organization.


Build a Training Environment for a Global Workforce

Scale and standardize your video training for the entire global workforce and even branches in remote locations. Enjoy problem-free video delivery to all locations without any connectivity or bandwidth challenges as VIDIZMO uses specialized video streaming technologies.


Train Collectively and Connect Your Global Teams

  • Reach global employees with automatically transcribed and translated multilingual videos
  • Provide unified live or on-demand training to worldwide employees for standardized training quality
  • Make learning videos interactive and track user engagement to determine ROI of video training 

Delivering Quality Video Solutions for Financial Knowledge Management


Ensure Centralized Knowledge Management in your bank

Collectively store, manage, and archive all banking videos for communication, training and marketing. Also, integrate and automatically transfer your virtual video banking and online conferencing videos to a secure video CMS platform along with all the other business-critical banking videos. Grant different levels of access to various employees along with dedicated portals for complete user and content segregation.


Educate Customers and Train Sales Teams on Investment Products Virtually

Use our enterprise video platform for financial services to store, manage, and disseminate your investment solution videos. Break down complex investment product information with the help of short, engaging videos for enhanced customer education, efficient sales training and improved external agent or reseller training – all through a video platform with internal and external access.


Optimize Investment Management Communication

Bundle and synchronize videos, documents and slides for fast and seamless communication. Disseminate news as well as information related to market changes, fund performance or strategy adjustments to all asset managers, fund managers and even clients using just one video platform that enables a highly collaborative and efficient communication while ensuring security and industry compliance.

Maximize Knowledge Transfer for Banking and Investment

  • Find the right learning videos within seconds using smart video search
  • Manage both video and non-video assets in a digital media platform for organization-wide use
  • Empower employees, partners and clients with the right information across a securely accessible digital platform
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