Interactive live webinars bridge the gap between geographically dispersed employees, partners and individuals who desire to share knowledge without the hassle of travelling, making it highly cost-effective communication solution for businesses!

VIDIZMO allows enterprises to plan, produce and deliver interactive video, enriched webinars and webcasts to scalable audience during events such as product launches, virtual conferences, educational lectures or employee training. Live webinars are automatically recorded for on-demand access.

Executive Leadership & Town Hall Meetings

Empower leadership and management to conduct company-wide meetings online. Quickly update employees on progress, new policies, procedures & regulatory changes. Record & upload meetings & webinars on VIDIZMO Channel for future reference.

Marketing & Lead Generation

Schedule online webcasts to market your products, engage with prospects via audio & chat and conduct real-time surveys to collect feedback. Publish recorded webcasts with embedded offline surveys using VIDIZMO Studio on your website for future prospects.

Host Virtual Conferences

Grab subject matter experts from across the globe and give presentation to a large audience without reserving conference space or worrying about other logistical issues.



Conduct pre webinar practice sessions and make sure you have everything streamlined before going live!
You can create campaigns to notify your target audience about upcoming webinars and recorded webcasts.
Recording & Editing
Record live webinars and make them available to private or public audience via Channel.
Advanced Analytics
Drill down reports to examine minute details and take holistic view of audience viewing behavior. Compare users and group average scores on quizzes to evaluate their relative standing.
Integrate with Line of Business Application
Connect VIDIZMO with your line of business applications. View VIDIZMO interactive video presentations in your favorite business application such as Content Management Systems, Learning Management System or a CRM.
Secure Content
Share confidential, financial, and other information with private audience using user rights management features within VIDIZMO Channel & protect your intellectual property.
Measure ROI
Measure return on investment (ROI) on your content production costs by knowing exactly how many people actually watched, who watched, how much and when.