Case Study

Clarkstown Achieved Greater Success with Interactive Video Presentations

Clarkstown TV Studio is using VIDIZMO interactive video presentation suite for students and teachers in a Master’s program in educational technology. “Three 30-second videos, 1000 words of written material, three surveys, and six short quizzes took most viewers about 16 minutes to complete. Asynchronous learning was easily accomplished. Completion was assured, and it fulfilled a requirement for the course and for the state that can be verified by the analytics.” Says David Kaminski, Instructor, Technology coordinator and In-Charge TV Studio at Clarkstown TV Studio. VIDIZMO On-Demand Presenter enabled authors to synchronize videos with PowerPoint slides, images, documents, sounds, and text captions. The ease to edit presentations allowed students and teachers to re-define historical videos, full transcripts, and documentaries to teach about history and event.

The video presentation technology and fully searchable presentations helped instructors to demonstrate how watching a video and reading the words someone has spoken are different, enabling media literacy component. “Video, sounds, and text can be repurposed in a number of ways using VIDIZMO and having videos, sounds, images, and text allow our teachers to create a variety of lessons and quizzes for their students.” States David.

At Clarkstown, biology students are using VIDIZMO On-Demand Presenter to create copyright-cleared presentations for their class synchronizing videos, sounds, images, and quiz forms. Teachers are using interactive video presentations to train and test students on a concept as an extra-credit video that would have been seen once by the class.

Language students are using interactive video presentations to reinforce language skills and teach Japanese culture, previous work only consisted of videos and sounds and lacked the ability to be used effectively in classes for more than entertainment and contests.

Physics students are recreating presentations of their physics “Egg-Drop” lesson and experiment. They captured the classroom lecture, synchronized lectures with relevant graphics and text to show various formulas and theories.

Organization Profile

Since 1997, The Clarkstown North TV Studio has been fostering creative work in digital video and animation. Students make documentaries, animations, and films for local educational access, state, and national festivals.

Business Situation

Clarkstown North TV Studio required to repurposing, editing and synchronizing existing videos with sounds, images and text to make them available for classroom learning.


Clarkstown North TV Studio successfully achieved asynchronous learning through interactive video presentations including branch-able quizzes and survey forms.


Quick editing and re-purposing Classroom capture Interactive forms to engage students

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