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Softech Worldwide fosters High-Definition Videos for knowledge Retention

Softech Worldwide LLC established in 1997, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, provides custom web-based video solutions, consulting services and out-of-the-box enterprise integration with various Microsoft technologies.

Since 2002, Softech Worldwide LLC’s software has been delivering video for training, learning and education to every employee’s desktop for formal and informal learning in Veterans Affairs as a part of their VA Knowledge Network Employee Education Systems.

Microsoft elevated Softech Worldwide LLC to Microsoft High Potential Managed Independent Software Vendor program in October 2009. Microsoft partners are intended to grow their business and deepen their relationship with Microsoft through Hi-Po Managed Partner program and only 1% of 30,000 ISV partners are elevated to this status every year.

Business situation

As part of Softech Worldwide’s organizational development program, company hosts online training sessions to raise employee growth and improve performance throughout the organization. During the program, variable demands in the organization posed various challenges. “We needed to be able to provide employees with instant access to information, multiple times throughout, so they could constantly improve their performance in direct response to the training, rather than engaging in lengthy group discussions that happens to be immeasurable in terms of value.” says Akhlaq Khan, Vice President at Softech Worldwide LLC.

The organization needed a dedicated resource year-round for on-job training, new hire orientation, compliance/product trainings and knowledge monitoring throughout the organization. The solution was required to work well with organization’s IT infrastructure providing synchronization with existing user base, and offering flexibility to watch trainings on and off company premises in the easiest way possible, to the remote and on-site employees. “We felt that offering hosted trainings, with the flexibility to adapt to employee schedule made the most sense,” explains Ali Saim, Training Manager at Softech Worldwide LLC. “But we were hesitant to pursue due to the technical intricacy and high costs associated with most of the solutions.”

Further, the organization wanted to maintain a knowledge cycle across the organization to prevent knowledge centralization among certain individuals and around job positions.


“For us, VIDIZMO presented a compelling option,” says Akhlaq Khan, Vice President at Softech, “the complete web based solution with built-in quick publishing options, flexibility to watch trainings anyplace, and benefits of high-definition video without any significant capital investments.”

VIDIZMO offers Silverlight based studio to create interactive video presentations for staff trainings and knowledge management, the studio is easy-to-use and accessible using any web browser. “Time to create video trainings is reduced up to 80%, On-Demand Studio improved our knowledge creation cycle with its advanced editing options and the best part is we don’t have to re-create complete trainings, every time we wish to use existing trainings with minor changes.” says Ali Saim.

VIDIZMO, interactive video suite integrates with Active Directory/LDAP to benefit IT administrators to secure knowledge access, enable login authentication, assign multi-level permissions to users, and provide group field mapping into the system. “Integration with LDAP gives us flexibility to maintain a synchronized user base reducing administrative overhead,” says Akhlaq Khan, Vice President at Softech Worldwide LLC. The cutting-edge video learning technology emphasized at utilizing company’s existing resources and running infrastructure that resulted in greater business value, at minimum cost and with no deployment efforts.

Further, out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft SharePoint leveraged company administration to provide access and retain all trainings, knowledge and product demonstrations etc. at a centralized location, providing single sign-on to the employees via intranet and extranet. “The liberty to play presentations, trainings and video demos directly through SharePoint without the hassle to install or plug-in any application.” says Akhlaq Khan, Vice President at Softech Worldwide LLC. “We are pleased to provide our users the direct search, play and schedule of trainings in a familiar, routine interface.”


VIDIZMO empowered Softech Worldwide to do more with their organizational development program – not just trainings or presentations; they are enriching trainings and presentations with videos, sounds, images, text captions and ease-to-reach.

Reduced Training Development Cycle

With the comprehensible and intuitive on-demand presenter, Softech is creating interactive video trainings and presentations with ease and flexibility. The studio facilitates various industry leading and innovative features to provide content synchronization on timescale, layer of content for easy editing/overlay, and advanced options to trim and tailor videos, sounds, images, PowerPoint slides, quiz/survey forms, and text captions as required. Studio application accessible using any web browser of author’s choice ensures reduced training development cycle, to the minimum.


VIDIZMO step into the organization’s shoes to give them the best of their products and services, the complete web based solution, customized to meet company’s specific requirements achieved quick implementation and adaption. Ability to synchronize user database with VIDIZMO (using LDAP) and integration with Microsoft SharePoint provide training dissemination to the target audience in record time, in completely controlled and cost effective way.

Knowledge retention

Interactive video presentations authored using VIDIZMO advance video learning through high-definition videos in a single knowledge package. Video learning increases knowledge retention and adoption all the way through the organization. Employees are not only able to watch videos but they can also receive quick comprehension to the videos in the form of text -PowerPoint slides, graphical displays – images, and sounds. In addition, employees are able to communicate their thoughts and understanding to the administration quickly by completing branched quizzes and survey forms during the training.

Detailed Analytics

VIDIZMO Advanced Analytics enlightens the sight of company and enables detailed monitoring to appreciate the effectiveness of organization-wide development program – percentage of penetration, knowledge comprehension, and the knowledge retained throughout. The customized dashboard synchronized with Microsoft SharePoint portal facilitates administration to run various reports on individual or departmental content usage, user performance, quiz/survey reports and net value obtained through the program.

Products and services used

  • VIDIZMO Player
  • VIDIZMO Channel
  • VIDIZMO Testing & Certification
  • VIDIZMO Advanced Analytics

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