Case Study

Nalco: Communicating Live across the Globe!

Executive Summary

This case study is related to Nalco which is the world’s leading water treatment and process improvement company. The case focuses on its business situation of finding a communication medium through which the company could interact with its large employee base. They needed a single user management system through which all employee records were maintained without creating separate login IDs for each individual.

The case explains how this problem was solved with the help of VIDIZMO. The company employees were able to see all video presentations through signing in to a single channel that integrated the company’s directory services and line of business applications.

Business Situation

Nalco has an enormous network of employees, investors, consultants and customers across the globe. Simultaneously communicating with geographically dispersed stake holders was a key business pain. Situations such as communicating, organizational announcements, annual meeting coordination, processing new policies, communicating new product knowledge and plans with employees and investors, as well as collecting customer feedback are a few examples. This communication gap was identified as a significant barrier to Nalco’s growth and expansion objectives.

To address this communication gap Nalco required a solution that could integrate with their line of business applications, was easy to use, with interactive tools such as polls, surveys etc. A solution that allowed them to create, edit, distribute and measure the effectiveness of their communications with a single software, & minimal effort, expertise.

Another challenge at NALCO due to their massive size was user management. With over 40,000 employees, creating additional login IDs and maintaining these records separately would be ineffective and costly. Nalco required central user management for taking care of such huge records, with single login passports for all their domains.


Nalco, After a long and extensive review of potential solutions, identified and selected VIDIZMO (Business Video Platform) for its comprehensiveness, flexibility and ability to readily integrate with line of business applications. VIDIZMO Live Presenter and Recorder allowed Nalco’s communication team to record their annual conferences and share them on VIDIZMO Channel for on-demand viewing. Employees and stakeholders could login to Nalco’s channel and view these presentations anytime from any location using VIDIZMO Player. Furthermore, Nalco’s team could now record videos for events such as announcement, new product knowledge / training and assign these to specific users or groups using the campaign feature in their channel.

VIDIZMO ’s ID Connector add-on integrated Nalco’s Active Directory with VIDIZMO. Through this integration we enable Nalco to use central user management and single sign-on, reducing IT work load and saving valuable time and resources. IT administrators can make changes within active directory and these changes will reflect within VIDIZMO ’s application with no additional configuration.


In summary, VIDIZMO has allowed Nalco to distribute content to all of their employees, contractors, stake holders, and the general public, without undue impact to their network infrastructure. And they were able to accomplish this while actually reducing the workload of the Nalco IT Department.

Products and services used

  • VIDIZMO Live Presenter & Recorder
  • VIDIZMO Player
  • VIDIZMO Channel
  • VIDIZMO ID Connector

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