Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy offers structured, unstructured,
& self-pace gamified learning environment for
employees, prospect, customers & partners to
improve their knowledge & skills using interactive
multi-media courses, compete with their peers &
receive recognition for their accomplishments.


Courses & Quizzes

Create courses with video, images,
documents & quizzes
Create classes for Learners to enroll or
manually assign courses to Learners.
Analyze course activity, class performance,
learner scores etc.


Learning Plan

Create & manage their own Learning Plans
for self-paced courses.
Score Points, Earn Badges on completing
Climb up the Leader boards.
Receive Completion Certificates.

Virtual Academy – A Corporate Video Training & Learning Platform

An innovative branded, secure enterprise-class corporate video training and learning platform using live and on-demand streaming media combined with digital media, polls, surveys, quizzes to offer high impact learning on any devices and any bandwidth condition. Virtual Academy runs in Microsoft Azure Cloud to provide industry’s best cloud security and integration with existing enterprise applications in the hybrid model.

An Easy to Use Corporate Video Training & Learning Platform

Using video for corporate training & learning dramatically reduces cost and increases speed since knowledge can be quickly captured using any available recording device and viewing results in higher learning retention for learners. Virtual Academy takes an innovative approach by combining streaming video content with other digital assets such as Office Documents, PowerPoint, PDF, Images into a Course. A searchable, indexable, categorized Course and Video library stores knowledge for structured and unstructured learning. Learner can search, find, play, rewind, replay, bookmark or search inside the video from any device. Learner can also download content for offline viewing using Download, RSS Feed or Podcasts options.


Your branded Virtual Academy portal, Existing LMS, CRM, SharePoint, Website

Broadcast Live Corporate Video Training & Learning Webcasts

Stream studio quality quality live corporate training & learning sessions to thousands of viewers, record, and offer on-demand viewing to learners who have missed live event. Virtual Academy offers you ability to schedule live events with Chat, Enterprise Integration applications such as Yammer, SharePoint, Site Core, Jive, WordPress, and social media integration with Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin. Use Live webcast and on-demand recordings to reach out to your partners and customers worldwide in different time zones.

Learning Plans

Virtual Academy offers structured and unstructured corporate video training &  learning through instructor provided or self-pace Learning Plans. To organizations, Learning Plans provide a convenient tool to ensure timely completion of training. While learners can create their self-pace learning plans for their personal growth or just-in-time search, find and watch any video or a course. Viewer score points and earn badges as learners consume each content. Upon successful completion, completion certificates are issued.



30 Days Free Trial with support,
updates and no monthly fees

“We have been producing enterprise corporate communication and training video content for over 30 years, using VHS, CD’s, DVD’s, Flash and various video platforms. VIDIZMO provided us with a comprehensive Enterprise Video Solution that our customers absolutely love. It allows them to manage, and distribute their content to their employees in a controlled, secure and targeted manner while Video Analytics allow customers to measure return on their investment.”

Mark HislopPartner, CEO Video Impressions


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