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Media Tube 

A branded video portal and video content management systems for small businesses, media companies looking to stream live or on-demand video with public or private access to employees, customers, partners, embed on the website and track who is watching what when and how much. With corporate branding, video content management and ability to stream to all devices, it is a formidable choice for companies ready to launch their media presence.

Most Comprehensive Video Portal Solution

The importance of social learning with video among staffs is no longer questionable; from preserving the knowledge of existing employees to helping team members showcase skills and even simplifying the sharing of best practices, MediaTube video portal and streaming solution provides one platform for:

  • Employee Orientation
  • Products Demo
  • Product Reviews
  • Knowledge & How-To
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Training, Compliance and Safety Video
  • Live Webcast, Webinars

Video Enable Existing Systems

Sharepoint, CMS, LMS, CRM, Social Media, Websites etc

Full Branding, White-Label Option

VIDIZMO full branding and white label video portal solutions can offer advantages if you’re trying to think of ways to add digital media presence to your business. White label video portal solutions are fully integrated and ready-made, which makes branding very easy. Infact, when you request a trial account, we will brand video portal to match your corporate guidelines at no cost to you.

Social Media Sharing

One of the biggest challenges in social, organizational learning is ensuring that the learning activity doesn’t create another silo for the organization. It becomes even more challenging given the desire by most organizations to keep these learning activities private. VIDIZMO highly configurable social media feature allow you to select options that best meet your organization’s needs.

100% in-the-Cloud and Hybrid Models

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from zero start-up time, scalability and cost savings of VIDIZMO Cloud Video Portal for corporate communication, marketing, education, training & learning. VIDIZMO’s Content Delivery Network lets you deliver high-bandwidth content to users around the world with low latency and high availability via a robust network of global data centers. The Hybrid option allows you to connect your video portal with enterprise single sign-on and other on-premises or cloud enterprise applications.



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“Very impressive work! I’ve seen elements of the MediaTube in various systems, but not one product that brings everything together in such a seamless manner.”

David ChouArchitect – Developer & Platform Evangelism Microsoft


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