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Understanding health is not only important for health professionals but it is also significant for patients and caretakers to reduce number of visits and length of stays in hospitals – a key requirement to save direct or indirect costs to the patients, payers, or their caregivers. According to a research, low health literacy skills increase annual healthcare expenditures by $73 Billion.

VIDIZMO Health Academy is a new approach to improve healthcare by providing healthcare organizations, agencies, professionals and patients quick and easy access to real-time knowledge, trainings, video prescriptions, and self-care information in the form of live & on-demand interactive video presentations. It brings together practitioners, patients, payers, pharmacists, and health care providers for preventing diseases and following healthier lifestyles.

Patient Education & Compliance

According to a WHO projection, 41 out of 64 million people who will die in 2015 will die of a chronic disease. With VIDIZMO, healthcare organizations, agencies & providers can educate patients on how to improve their health & prevent diseases. Patients can be educated to increase compliance by assigning them interactive video presentations and analyzing their viewing behavior and effects on health as a result of their viewing.

Ensure Compliance

VIDIZMO provides complete solution to quickly develop self-paced trainings, instantly delivered on staff desktop while ensuring comprehension and compliance through interaction and evaluation.

Deliver “Grand Round” Presentations Live or On-Demand

Live webcast all Grand Round, educational & special events online to teaching hospitals and tertiary facilities anywhere. Provide access to recorded lectures and resources so that medical personnel can access and learn from it on their own time, without compromising their duties.

Continuing Medical Education for Time Pressed Staff

For nursing, pharmaceutical and other CME programs, VIDIZMO allows healthcare organizations to meet their demands by enabling rapid creation and delivery of high-quality online training materials, ability to test and certify employees with an auditable compliance record.



Patient and Provider Video Portals
Get brand-able VIDIZMO Channel to inform, educate, and train patients and providers.
CampaignsUse campaign in your channel to conduct courses, classes and trainings. Assign interactive video presentations to patients to improve compliance.
Recording and Archiving
Record and archive live knowledge such as speeches, consultations, best practices and make them available to patients, students and staff.
Interactive Video Content
Enhance comprehension of your live video lectures, trainings, product demonstrations and recorded webcasts with real time media synchronization including videos, sounds, PowerPoint slides, images, documents, flow charts, tables, graphs, and links.
Instant Reports
Get instant real time notification of your staff trainings, or change in patient’s behavior due to an awareness video campaign. Connect notifications with your Electronic Healthcare Record system directly and trigger workflows based on various parameters. Prescribe trainings or medications based on notifications.



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“We have been producing enterprise corporate communication and training video content for over 30 years, using VHS, CD’s, DVD’s, Flash and various video platforms. VIDIZMO provided us with a comprehensive Enterprise Video Solution that our customers absolutely love. It allows them to manage, and distribute their content to their employees in a controlled, secure and targeted manner while Video Analytics allow customers to measure return on their investment.”

Mark HislopPartner, CEO Video Impressions


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