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Digital Evidence

Management of growing digital evidence
lacks efficiency and costs too much
to outsource operations such as video
transcription, video redaction etc.

Digital Evidence Management

Built on Gartner recognized Enterprise Video Content Management System, VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management Solution enables law enforcement agencies to store, manage and analyze ever-increasing digital evidence collected from bodycam, dashcams, CCTV camera, phone call recordings while observing the chain of custody requirements. Redaction provides necessary identity protection to comply with various laws such as Freedom Information Act.  Machine generated transcription converts spoken words into searchable and index-able text, thereby speeding up processing of evidence by avoiding long delays involved in human translation.

Designed for Law Enforcement Agencies

Use of digital evidence has increased in past couple of decades as courts have allowed the use of various forms of digital records as evidence; These evidence types include electronic documents, phone & audio recordings, camera pictures, mobile phone audio, camera pictures and video recordings, video from various sources such as CCTV, body camera, law enforcement interviews. With the advent of body-worn camera evidence, prosecution agencies have been overwhelmed with increasing requirement of storing, transcribing, redacting, sharing and managing this mass amount of evidence. VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System solves these challenges by providing a centralized repository to ingest evidence from any source, store, manage, transcribe into a central location within Customer’s  Microsoft Azure Government Cloud or on-premises. The system also allows discovery access to prosecutors, defense attorneys, and courtroom evidence presentations.

Centralized Secure Digital Evidence System Delivers What you Need, When you Need, Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

With increasing sources of digital evidence that law enforcement agencies have to deal with today, VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System promises Law Enforcement Agencies to maintain a 360-degree view of all digital evidence from all sources in timely and cost efficient manner.

  • Ingests any digital evidence from any source in any format
  • Supports body-cam, CCTV, phone recordings, images, docs
  • Processes it to playback on all devices,
  • Transcribes it to make it searchable, indexable
  • Redacts it to meet legal requirements
  • Catalogs it in case management system
  • Integrates with your existing case management system
  • Provides single sign-on with your IT systems
  • Preserves original data
  • Automatically deletes files after retention period expires
  • Maintains audit logs
  • Share with courts, defense attorneys, and other law enforcement agencies
  • Supports chain of evidence

Unparalleled Speech & Vision Services

VIDIZMO uses Azure Government Cloud & Microsoft’s Azure Media Analytics to offer unparalleled perfection & scale to help law enforcement agencies.

  • Analyze evidence collected from body-cams, dash cams, and other devices, and analyze it to extract intelligence
  • Protect identity by redacting video and comply with legal requirements
  • Speed up investigations by extracting data from media and use it to build intelligent search indexes
  • Investigate crime by processing video and events collected from surveillance cameras at scale
  • Reduce false positives by conducting deep analysis of the video snippets associated with motion events from surveillance cameras
  • Generate intelligent summary of surveillance footage by using Hyperlapse to smooth out time-lapsed videos
  • Observe chain of custody requirement during all operations

Government customers benefit from low startup costs, little to zero to ramp costs during heavy speech and vision processing workloads.

Deploy in Your Own Instance of Microsoft Government Azure Cloud or On-Premises

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System can be deployed in Microsoft Azure Government Cloud or On-Premises. Microsoft Azure Government Cloud is designed to meet US government demands. It is a Physical and logical network-isolated instance of Azure, dedicated to US government with all data, applications, and hardware residing in the continental United States. Azure Government Cloud offers a broad range of compliance certifications that are critical to US government. When installed in Azure Government Cloud, VIDIZMO uses Azure Cloud’s native Azure Media Analytics Services to deliver state of the art Speech and Vision Services at enterprise scale, with complete security and compliance.



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“We have been producing enterprise corporate communication and training video content for over 30 years, using VHS, CD’s, DVD’s, Flash and various video platforms. VIDIZMO provided us with a comprehensive Enterprise Video Solution that our customers absolutely love. It allows them to manage, and distribute their content to their employees in a controlled, secure and targeted manner while Video Analytics allow customers to measure return on their investment.”

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