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Every business understands the value of corporate communication. Businesses continuously communicate their mission, vision, values, earnings, and organizational changes with their employees, customers and stake holders in an effort to keep everyone aligned. Whether you are sending a CXO message to your employees, customers and investors, or it is an infomercial, product demo, education, training or learning, video has always proven to be the most effective communication medium.

VIDIZMO provides complete set of tools to stream live or on-demand video for your corporate communication needs. Start with a completely branded video portal; schedule live and on-demand video presentation broadcast for private & public audience; run campaigns inviting viewers; stream video at prescheduled time or publish simply for on-demand viewing ; measures viewing effectiveness and calculate return on investment using built-in video analytics. VIDIZMO video presentations are viewable on all devices included Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry within all browsers and all bandwidth conditions. VIDIZMO streaming technologies adopt to available bandwidth to deliver optimized viewing experience to its viewers using adoptive bit rate streaming technologies. Optionally, VIDIZMO Edge Caching or Multicast capabilities enable streaming on bandwidth congested networks.

Use Corporate Video Communication to Connect with employees, customers, partners and investors

Use live & on-demand video streaming with desktop sharing, PowerPoint and talking-head to reach out to your employees, customers, investors, and partners. Share vision, goals & objectives, milestones, achievements, policies and procedures to ensure that the organization is moving in the right direction. Record live events to share with employees & stake holders who missed live broadcasts.

Corporate Video Communication Increases Employee Efficiency

Use VIDIZMO live and on-demand video streaming to distribute product & services knowledge, compliance & regulatory changes, customer service requirements to your workforce and increase organization wide efficiency.

Measure Message Effectiveness and ROI of  Your Corporate Video Communication

Quickly gauge the effectiveness of your corporate message in real time with the help of Advanced Analytics and calculate return on investment.

Use Corporate Video Communication to Promote Products & Services

Leverage corporate video to promote company’s products & services using promotional, information videos, client & customer testimonials, product demos etc.

Create Corporate Video Communication Library

Record your own or purchase and add third party ready-made corporate video communication presentations in your account. Start with VIDIZMO video library of 700+ off-the-shelf videos. These are specialized, task based, concentrated segments that teach repeatable skills and behavior – not just theories and concepts.

Empower CFO to Use Corporate Video Communication to Improve Investor Relations

Empower CFO to Communicate with investors, stake holders and engage your audience using chat with live video streaming presentations.

Collect Feedback & Improve Quality of Corporate Video Communication

Improve your brand image, product acceptance, and service quality by collecting feedback and valuable insights using polls and surveys with streaming video presentations!



Live & On-Demand Video Presentations
Reach out to your geographically dispersed employees, customers, investors and prospects with live and on-demand video presentations.
Author Live & On-Demand Video Presentations
Save time by using built-in web based VIDIZMO Studio to author and publish live or on-demand video presentations synchronized with PowerPoint and branch-able quizzes, polls and surveys.
Interactive & Searchable Video
Engage viewers with branch-able quizzes, polls or surveys. Save time through search in video and jump directly to knowledge within video.
Deliver corporate communication using multiple campaigns with receiver-centered messages designed for target audience catering to their culture, need and motivation.
Publish Lync, WebEx & GoToMeeting Recordings
Make your Lync, WebEx, GoToMeeting & webinars recordings instantly and automatically available for on-demand viewing with user access rights management.
Enterprise CDN
Ensure smooth viewing experience by using enterprise hardware or software content delivery network (CDN) in bandwidth congested environments.
Integrate with Line of Business Application
Connect VIDIZMO with your line of business applications. View VIDIZMO interactive video presentations in your favorite business application such as Content Management Systems, Learning Management System or a CRM.



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“We have been producing enterprise corporate communication and training video content for over 30 years, using VHS, CD’s, DVD’s, Flash and various video platforms. VIDIZMO provided us with a comprehensive Enterprise Video Solution that our customers absolutely love. It allows them to manage, and distribute their content to their employees in a controlled, secure and targeted manner while Video Analytics allow customers to measure return on their investment.”

Mark HislopPartner, CEO Video Impressions


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