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VIDIZMO Lecture Capture is a flexible
& innovative solution to schedule &
Record live classrooms. Recorded
lectures are automatically published in
your Learning Management System


VIDIZMO Lecture Capture is a flexible and innovative solution to schedule and record live classrooms. Recorded lectures are automatically published in your favorite Learning Management System(LMS) or Content Management System(CMS) for on-demand viewing. It uses variety of hardware & software tools to present and record lectures based on specific requirements. Recordings can later be enhanced by adding branch-able quizzes, polls and surveys using VIDIZMO Studio.


Deliver Learning Anywhere, Anytime!

With minimal On-Premises hardware or software, lectures are recorded and delivered live to your student desktop. Recorded lectures are available for on-demand viewing in VIDIZMO Channel or LMS right-away and can be viewed on any device.

Improve Student Satisfaction

Allow students to catch-up missed classes or review the classroom lecture with additional resources through archiving, tailored recordings. Research indicates 63 percent of students use recorded lectures to review instructions, and 54 percent clarify concepts, to get better grades.

Deliver Live Lectures through your existing LMS

Deliver live lectures through Learning Management System (LMS) while recording for on-demand viewing. Use Advanced Analytics to view attendance and gauge student participation within your LMS. Enable students to access recorded lectures within Learning Management System (LMS).

Use your preferred Technology

Instructors can deliver live lectures using any technology or teaching aids most relevant to them. VIDIZMO can be configured to capture any of these teaching tools. For example, math may require extensive demonstration through whiteboard or document camera, whereas history may be better served by a PowerPoint presentation, while computer screen sharing may be required in other scenarios.

Provide simultaneous delivery On-Campus & Online

Offer live lectures on-Campus or online, simultaneously. Encourage participation through live chat, whiteboards etc. to make online classrooms interactive and engaging.



Branded Campus ChannelGet fully branded channel to host and distribute recorded lectures, publish full length featured videos or previews.
Live Video StreamingStream live video lectures along with a full screen PowerPoint presentation, videos, or images, electronics white boards, screen sharing and webcam etc.
Engage StudentsMaximize the effectiveness of live lectures through interaction, use instant quizzes, surveys or poll during a lecture.
Search in Video
Your viewers can now search for a topic and jump directly to a point in the recorded lecture where the topic is discussed or emphasized.
Automatically Publish Recorded Lectures
Publish recorded class rooms, Microsoft Lync, GotoMeeting, WebEx recorded sessions instantly and automatically for on-demand viewing in your LMS, or a Content Management Solution.
Single Sign-OnProvide single sign-on experience to students through integration with LMS, CMS, LDAP or Active Directory.
MarketplaceMonetize your live or recorded lectures or offer them for free.



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“We have been producing enterprise corporate communication and training video content for over 30 years, using VHS, CD’s, DVD’s, Flash and various video platforms. VIDIZMO provided us with a comprehensive Enterprise Video Solution that our customers absolutely love. It allows them to manage, and distribute their content to their employees in a controlled, secure and targeted manner while Video Analytics allow customers to measure return on their investment.”

Mark HislopPartner, CEO Video Impressions


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